Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Assistant Composer 2023

Written and Performed by Carlota Moreno baldo
Strings performed by gaia Ghazaryan, Chie Yamazaki, Isobel Stubbs, and Bronte Marsh

Jupiter was an amazing project. A beautiful song to work with and amazing musicians. The song is in the style of a ballade and emits huge amounts of emotion as well as high quality musicianship. There is a metaphor between space - specifically Jupiter, and love in the song and some musical elements are deliberatley used to try and portray this.

The clarity given from the U87 on the vocals is by far the best thing about the project! I composed the string parts and recorded them as a quartet.  This helped to provide a beautiful texture to the chorus.

The recording process started off with the piano, followed by vocals, backing vocals and then strings. We encountered a problem with the piano recordings along the way as the pedal was squeaking when used. To counter this, a lot of EQ was used, as well as blending in the airy pedal sound with effects applied to the sound to help enhance the space metaphor of the piece.