Don't open my eyes

Mixed 2021

Mix of provided audio tracks

This was another early mix, done on Pro Tools - a DAW I was not familiar with at the time. This piece has a more extreme dynamic range and a large amount of audio tracks - a volume I hadn't worked with before. One of the biggest successes with this track was discovering the plugin, Maxim. This was a life changing discovery, as the control I gained over the master fader on the track was phenomenal. 

Some of the mixing aspects I particularly focused on were: the blend between the guitars and vocals in the chorus; the prominence of the bass line; my decision to leave the synths and ‘effects’ unedited, to avoid a really electrical sound; the ambient sounding vocal during the outro; the dynamic contrast between sections in the song, primarily making the chorus’ more powerful, with a denser texture and hence, making them stand out; the use of panning to create a stereo image, especially on the drums; my decision to go for an audience perspective (as if you were watching the performance); and finally, the quality of sound of the hi-hat, especially during the second verse.